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Travertine Tumbled Introduction

The classic style of tumbled travertine makes it the favorite choice for those wishing to create the old world style in their design project. Travertine is formed through the accumulation of calcite from hot springs. It contains holes that were formed from sulphur bubbles eating away at the stone . Our collections featured a beautiful filled and honed finish-Mexican Noce and Desert Cream.

Mexican Noce is a medium to dark brown travertine.  This tumbled collection features a soft tumbled edge that gives installations a timeless and classic look.


Tumbled travertines have undergone a special process that gives them their genuine matte honed finish and a gentle tumbled edge. The finished result is a tile that has character, warmth, and a soft variation of color. Natural tile flooring makes a space rich and inviting. The large varieties of decorative stones make this series very popular for use in the design of kitchen backsplashes. The 4"x4" and 3"x6" field tile sizes are popular for natural stone backsplashes but the small sizes are increasingly used in combination with glass for the traditional yet updated backsplash.


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