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The growth of kitchen tops and vanity tops

Countertops made from kitchen tops and vanity tops has been popular for years. The growth of its use seems to be no end, coupled with new technologies, materials and more affordable. The versatility and natural beauty of granite and wear properties must be professional and amateur chef's job requirements and easy to clean.The same can be said that the project stone. The beautiful natural products, is replaced by a broad selection of modern colors. Think about it, the material is not indestructible.It is essential to protect and clean.There are a number of products to clean and care for your granite or artificial stone surface. Hot water pot and equipment, direct heating surface should be avoided. Corrosive detergents, immediately wipe off, because they dissolve the protective film on any surface. Always use a cutting or chopping block. Never cut or chop directly on the table surface. Stop trying to change the stain always immediately wipe the surface of the water and food residues.

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