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Types of Stone Roofing Tile Introduction

Stone roofing tile is a stone designed to be used for roofs. Stone tile is becoming one of the most popular material for roofing. It is available in a multitude of colors and shapes giving homeowners the ability to find something that exactly matches their home.

There are various naturals that are used for roofing. Stone roofing is extremely beautiful and add uniqueness and elegance to roofing. Beautiful roofs in turn enhance the beauty of any interior and adds value to any home.
Types of Stone Roofing Tiles
1.    Slate Roofing: It is a weather proof stone and is the most widely used stone tile for roofing applications. The most common shades are red, purple, black and green. Slate rooftops can be standard with uniform length and width or textural with rough textured stone tiles.
2.    Limestone Roofing: Limestone tiles are also weather resistant and give a natural look to the roof.
3.    Sandstone Roofing: Sandstone tiles posses acid and thermal resistant properties. They give a rugged and natural look to the roofs.

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