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Sandstone Strips

Sandstone strips are basically long, narrow, and stick like pieces of sandstone which have a uniform width all over. These strips are created by precisely cutting long pieces from the sandstone. Although their appearance is quite alike to that of a stick, the sandstone strips do not have a rigid size and shape, their dimensions may vary according to the need of the application for which they are required. The distinguishing characteristics of the contemporary sandstone strips include their high resistance power and their multiple colors like pink, white, yellow, red, brown, green, and gray. Nowadays the sandstone strips are also being used for enhancing the interior decor.


Areas of Existence
Due to the abundance of the natural sources of sandstone in Rajasthan, the sandstone strips are extensively manufactured on this land. Besides this, sandstone strips can also be found in Shivpuri, a municipality of Shivpuri district, Madhya Pradesh, India; and in Lalitpur, a city in the Lalitpur district, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Usage of Sandstone Strips
Some of the common application areas of sandstone strips include roofing, flooring, and wall cladding. Owing to their aesthetic look, some architects have also started using sandstone strips for interior decor purposes. The other uses of these strips are ornamentation of the entrance or exit door borders in houses and other buildings, and application in large outdoor gardens and public parks.



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