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Pricing for granite countertop

Pricing for granite countertop depends on selected material,size,detailing and brand.Not all granites are produced equal. Usually, the granite styles with finer, cleaner lines are more expensive than kinds with blotches or large particles. For example, a 96-inch countertop produced from the blotchy granite will probably providing price $700, even although one with good lines and delicate shading can providing price $1,000 or more.Prices will also differ based on whether or not the stone is natural or engineered, although pricing gets muddled especially where stone sort is concerned.It follows logically that bigger granite countertops are substantially more pricey than more compact ones. Typically, a 96-inches countertop for just about any bathing room will be between $700 and $1200, based on other factors. A more compact granite counter for the bathing room sink will possibly cost between $400 and $600. Some people favor to possess their granite countertops etched with acid or comparable substance treatments. even although these definitely include character in the direction of piece, in addition they include in the direction of worth tag. Depending concerning the level of detail required, detailing for granite countertops can include between $60 and $200.

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