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Marble granite adhesive

Marble and granite are natural stone, and because they are porous, they tend to smear although granite is porous than most less, it also may need to occasionally cleaning.Marble granite adhesive can reduce frequency of cleaning.Vacuum marble or granite, clear the pore dirt in the floor or wipe remove loose food and debris along the mesa mixed mild neutral detergent with warm water for daily maintenance cleaning marble and granite.You must not use too much water twist dry mop, you sit up, because water can cause water place.Thoroughly flushed marble or granite use clean water to remove all the detergent dry marble or granite and lint-free cloth 20% of hydrogen peroxide mixed powder and into the dough take 80% in consistency, similar peanut butter.Coat stain on the marble or granite organic and the sauce, and covered with plastic wrap in plastic seal tape, let sit about 48 hours, and then rinse cleaCustom marble home floors  the marble or granite manufacturing paste and powder rust albino repeated use method to eliminate organic besmirch at step 5, in addition to let mix granite and marble set in about 15 minutes.

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