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Maintain Knowledge of Sandstone Countertops

Many people hold that the sandstone is solid stone , so they don't need maintenance. That is not the case. Each have their own weakness, and the weakness of sandstone is porous. This porous structure makes the water easy to penetrate. Once the sandstone absorbed moisture, it will lead that the color change and coloring in chemical. These spots will become an integral part of sandstone. If you want to keep the beautiful appearance of sandstone, luster, texture and practical, then you should take special measures to care them.
Sandstone need special care:
1, if sandstone countertop has already sealed, it is possible that take a few simple cleaning method to protect it, seal is a very important protection steps, a seal is able to sustain for many years.
2, you should be more care in the use of sandstone countertop, keep clear of the spill, and do not let its long legacy in sandstone countertop. Choose the neutral cleaner or the detergent that is colorless and odorless to clean the sandstone countertops, it is also possible to use the mild dishwashing liquid.
3, do not use the acidic cleaner. This kind of cleaner will corrode the polishing surface of sandstone.
4, often flush sandstone countertop and grouting place, but put the cleaner on the sandstone countertop, if no prior cleaning brush off scraps can be used fur, if there are spot, it cannot scrape, but repeat to clean.
If you just done as the above steps, we believe you must own a beautiful sandstone countertop. It is also available to own it longer.

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