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Many homeowners are attracted to the color of granite or other. A common combination of rich, very light or white granite countertops, kitchen cabinets a dark match. Kashmir white granite shade, usually for a very light appearance, the owner needs.Natural form, mainly in India, Kashmir white granite. This is the history of the fine or moderate the Eurasian organic stone can be traced back to the Precambrian period. Most ready to Kashmir white granite tiles can be processed directly in India or processing exports to China.Kashmir white granite is the lightest shades of granite, perhaps the real "white" granite. However, like all granite, Kashmir white granite color change will vary from floor to floor slight, the vast majority of the appearance of a dark white to light gray stone is very small to medium-dark red, maroon, or berries the color of the embedded parts called garnet.Kashmir white is one of the most difficult granite.The dark granite can be once a year, seal, seal porous Kashmir White asked every six to eight months. Kashmir white granite should not be subject to excessive heat, cold, or humid environment, and may damage the seal, and leave marks. As soon as possible any leaks should be eliminated, because Kashmir white granite holds the color easily.


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