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Ideas from gray granite vanity top

Gray granite vanity top is floating out surface because of its durability.It is a smart choic to choose for bathroom.Gray granite vanity top will improve any decor style from traditional to modern for contemporary or compromise black granite is available in solid black coffee or with different patterns in the stone increased administrative levels feeling and accent colors.Firstly,select a tile floor to complete the light or darker color.Since the vanity top is darkness, and balance with light collocation or green wall the neuter color palette, the layer of color depends on the season of persistent organic pollutants, such as red or orange to fall, yellow and green in spring.Black and white is a classic color scheme of the eternal provide the ideal combination of high contrast the background color of the bright accent if your bold, paint the walls a layer of pink's shadow, fushia pink towel and the zebra stripe bath shade.Other accent colors is available red, blue or green decoration storage box with a towel candle layer of black and white color in a bathroom.The color scheme of the contemporary bath monochrome, so let the paint in the same family of sale, or a neutral white or off-white keep the lowest maintenance accessories contemporary clean line feeling.

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