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How to Clean & Maintain Granite Floor Tiles in Eco-friendly Method?

It is well known that the granite floor tile could always provide the appearance of elegant and unique shine, while it could begin to look dirty overtime. If this is the case, what should you do? Well, the following methods will help you resolve this problem.

One is that you could clean up spills. To keep yours looking great, you must perform regular maintenance. As a basic step, make sure that you eliminate any spills as soon as they happen. Use a paper towel or a regular towel to immediately soak up any spilled liquid. If you allow it to soak into the granite , there is a good chance that it could leave a stain or it could leave a film on top of the tile.

Another green way to clean your granite tile is to use eco-friendly dishwashing soap and water. Use a sponge to clean the floor with this method if you have a small area. You could also use a wet mop if you have a large area to cover.

Meanwhile, if a specific area of the floor is stained, mix some flour with dishwashing liquid to create a thick paste. Apply to the stained area, put a piece of plastic over the top, and leave to sit overnight. The next morning, you should be able to scrape up the stain with the mixture, which will have absorbed it.

At last, one of the best ways to give your granite tile a very deep cleaning is to use a steam cleaner. To operate, simply put water in the machine, which will heat it up to extreme temperatures to produce steam. The cleaner will the force steam into the floor at high pressure. This is an ideal way to clean the grout joints between your tiles and remove and film or grime built up on top of the tiles. You can hire a professional steam cleaning company to handle the job for you with top grade equipment.

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