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White Galaxy Granite

White Galaxy is a kind of granite , which is also called as Galaxy White Granite . It is similar with the Kashmir White India, Samba White, Branco Regina And Branco Polar Brazil, but they still existing difference.

Stone Sinks

It is regarded that natural stone , like travertine or granite , is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom sinks. You will most certainly find one for your home ornament with the unique mix of colors. It is also well know that natural stone is very durable, so most likely hot pans will not mar the surface, while there is an important that you will need to maintain it regularly.


Dos of Granite Tiles

Granite tiles and slabs are both a decorative and practical choice for flooring. Hardness, resistance to heat and other stressors, and the many styles offered by granite tiles, make an investment that will add value to your property and one that will be the source an immense pride in your home.

Basalt stone

Individual tiles are tumbled, creating a worn pebble like appearance. Thes are naturally unfilled. When grouted in the surface is still textured, whereas the marble tiles are completely smooth. So here we will provide some travertine mosaic tiles for you to refer when doing residential or commercial ornament.


Paving Material-Cobblestone

In recent years, cobble stone is widely used in our paving projects, in public buildings, villas, garden buildings, paved roads, parks and rockery, bonsai timber filled with pebbles, garden art and other senior superstructure, where you can all see the body of cobbles. Not only does it carries forward the ancient oriental culture, but also reflects the Western classical, elegant, artistic style of a return to basics and nature. Meanwhile, more and more homeowners use this material for a paved path, trail or footpath that is not next to a road, for example, a path through a park.

Tips for Caring Limestone & Slate

Using the natural stone in your home interior is easy if you have enough budget, while proper care will enhance its appeal and can even help it to continue improving with age. Since it could add important value to your home, so a little maintenance is well worth for the effort. Meanwhile, it will go a long way to ensure that your investment stays protected. Here we will provide you tips for how to care limestone and slate well in daily life.


Natural Color of Slate Stone Tiles

We have mention some colors of slate stone , here we will continue to introduce some other natural color of slate tiles for you as reference when home decoration.


Design Tactics of Mosaic Pattern

With more and more homeowners and designers adopt the mosaic patterns for their home and design, mosaic is becoming a necessary material in construction. However, maybe few people know there are also some design tactics for the patterns when doing the ornament, no matter in the kitchen or in the bathroom.


Mosaic Pattern will Become the New Growth Point

Stone Mosaic and Pattern must be beautiful and practical, as well as the strong artistic work. If you want to design a favorite stone spelling a flower works, you need to be further realizing the life, observe and understand the needs and love of people. Just from the life, can you capture the creative inspiration. Meanwhile, you should also combine the actual situation of the bedroom space, the external environment and the whole decoration style, harmonious and unified, as well as rich in characteristic would be a successful work.


Mosaic Tiles for the Bathroom Floor

Mosaics tiles and mosaic slabs is more and more used in the home ornament, for the wall, the floor or the countertop. Here is about applying the mosaic tiles for the bathroom floor, which comes in a multitude of materials add color and design to a bathroom décor.



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