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Giallo Ornamental Granite

Which color of the natural stone material do you prefer, the deep or the light one? Personally, I like the color of coffee, if you are the same as me, just after my steps to have a look at the Giallo Ornamental Granite.

Giallo Fiorito Granite

Giallo Fiorito is a kind of Brazil granite , it generally has two types, one is the quarry stone , another one is the slab . This belongs to the yellow series, the texture is irregular.


Verde Ubatuba Granite

Verde Ubatuba is a kind of granite stone , the base color is belonging to the green and black series. Now, let’s look at some of its features.
Physical properties: the bulk density is 2.78 g/cm3; the water absorption is 0.13%; the compressive strength is 123.5 Mpa; the bending strength is 16.7 Mpa; the Moh's hardness

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Danton Green Marble

Danton Green is also called Danton jade, the texture is the serpentinization silicon card rock, the hardness is close Shoushan stone , a frozen condition. It is a marble made of a kind of forsterite skarn in emerald. The original is in DongGou, Liaoning province.


Thickness of Natural Stone Tiles

Many people may confuse about the thicknesses of the travertines, for that they may try to minimize the impact the new floor is going to have on doors and counters. Sometimes it’s because they want to make sure thes are OK to be used on the walls. Other times, it’s just because they want the thinnest possible for handling purposes.



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