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Happy Halloween

On Oct,27th,2012,our Newstar stone members celebrated the Halloween. For sweeping away rotten luck,bring us good luck and relax us after working.
On that day,we held Halloween knowledge competition; Wore DIY Strange outfit blame, play crazy perform ;made different styles of Vegetable Platters ,so lovely it is. All of us were deep in this exciting and crazy atmosphere,until now never to forget.

Newstar 112th Canton Fair

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How to Install the Pebble Tile?

How to Install the Pebble Tile?

You needn’t to hire the professional installer with the following steps for the pebble tile installation.


Brazil Natural Stone

Brazil is the one of the biggest countries in geological reserves for the marble , granite and other natural stone in the worldwide. There are more than one hundred varieties of and more than three hundred kinds of in the domestic Brazilian at present. These mining are mainly distributed in the northeast of the ESPIRITO SANTO state and Ba yi Asia state. The color and breed of Brazil natural stone material is very much, which owns strong competitive in the world market. Especially, the yellow series of natural stone materials, which is especially popular in Chinese market. Here we will mainly introduces the Giallo Fiorito, which is popular in the domestic and foreign markets, it is favored by the stylist, as well as widely used in villas, star hotel, municipal engineering.


Slate Hotel in Norway

Many hotels with its distinctive characteristics are distributed in the worldwide, they may be famous for their special points, such as the appearance or the geography position, so on and so forth. Today, we will take you into a slate hotel, which is obvious that the hotel is well-known of it.


Red Travertine

A new variety of- red travertine stone recently was found in Hebei.


The newly discovered red travertine belongs to the granite series, lithology is for potassium long granite porphyry. Red travertine stone is flesh pink, the size of the hole is 0.5 cm in diameter with irregular type, the hole rate is about 15%. The main mineral is potassium feldspar, since shaped degree is poorer, dark mineral 20% left and right sides, quartz rare. The reason for the formation of Moyite is the intrusive rock, the intrusion magma contains a lot of vapor liquid, ultra shallow into environment, causing a sharp magmatic condensation, magma in the vapor liquid too late to escape, scattered over the top of the rock mass, then forming a hole.


Marble floor

The Present Situation of Marble floor

As everyone knows that the price of marble is expensive, this is because it need import. Its origin is generally in China, Spain and Italy and other countries. The largest producers of are Italy in the world, Italian marble has a strange design with high quality.



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